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The Disadvantages of Privileged Education, Educational Results and being Creative

Hi all! Another day, another blog. Now this is something that’s been bothering me for a while - and I thought I’d write about it. The disadvantages of a privileged education, educational results and being creative.

Now, before I start this blog- this is NOT a recommendation to not go to school or college or university. I can’t recommend enough to get your education, if you are in a privileged position to be able to do so.

Being creative is a trait, I believe you can be creatively minded in every aspect of life and the challenges it throws at us all.. I believe everyone can learn to be creative. Being creative makes you happier, it’s been proven in many studies.

But I don’t believe this correlates with educational results, let me explain.

I was heavily bullied in school, and my mental health was severely impacted as a result of this - so when I left school, I didn’t get any GCSES first time round.

I went to college, absolutely adored college - redid my GCSES and got 3 A*s, a B and a C. However when it came to A Levels; I had to fight for a place on the Photography course - all because I didn’t get all As and A*s in my GCSES or even first time round! Silly if you ask me. I had the drive, determination and passion for Photography - so what should my previous results matter. Especially when I had no issues enrolling on the IT & Business courses separately with my previous grades.

I think it’s a privilege to be able to get an education, regardless of high achieving results or not. Therefore I feel I should not have been based on that, and based on my drive, determination and passion instead.

I honestly believe in my Photography course, that our teacher had favourites - all those that achieved As and A*s in their GCSES. All of the “high achievers” were sat at the back of the class, and “everyone else” was seated towards the front and at the front. I worked my absolute hardest on that course and achieved a pass grade of a C - but it was all coursework based and again, I believe the teacher had favourites. But hey, I graduated from college over 7 years ago now.

I don’t believe that your results in the past, should determine your future as a creative and whether you get accepted in certain courses on A Level or GCSE because of it.

Let me know your thoughts below!

Grace <3

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