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Who Am I?

If you're clicking on this article.. you're probably wondering - who is she?!

Well I will tell you. My name is Grace, I am from Hampshire, UK (about as South as you can get in the UK, for any overseas readers) and I am 23, soon to be 24 on Thursday 23rd June 2022 - as I am writing this.

I went to my first gig/concert when I was 13, my cousin Em took me and it was at The Wedgewood Rooms in my hometown (amazing venue, by the way, staff are so friendly and it's such a lovely cosy yet lively atmosphere). We had guest-list for the show, thanks to a family friend, and it was the musical duo - Rizzle Kicks. They were amazing and it was my first real taste of live music!

Ever since then I have been (some might say) obsessed with live music, nothing compares to the relationship between the band or artist and the supporters of the music. I've been to over 100 gigs/concerts and festivals, to be honest I lost count at 100.. I have travelled up and down the country for bands and artists alike, as a fan. I have many friends that have also done the same and more! Including them travelling to the USA, Europe & Australia for shows (shoutout Ellie, Lys, Tatum, Jaz and more!).

Live music is magic, experiencing the band or artist that you religiously listen too and support - there are no words to describe how amazing it is. It's not just that, it's the whole experience - from deciding the outfit and the makeup/ hair to travel preparation! It's a task in itself. Fast forward to the day of the show, you unintentionally end up meeting the best kinds of people - the people that share the same love for the band or artist as you and you end up making lots of friends, it is so super lovely.

Why work with me?

I believe in my vision. For the fans, by the fans. I truly aspire to capture emotion in my Photography and the memory as a keepsake, I know first hand how important it can be to keep the memory or memories alive. Music makes the world go round.

I also provide a unique service in the sense that I am so passionate about live music (as are many other Photographers), and I have so much experience at concerts & festivals I have always always admired the relationship between fans and the artist or band - because I am one, I am a fan.

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