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For the Fans

Creating (or being part of) a movement where the sole goal is opportunities for the ones that support the artist, band or creatives through everything - the fans.

By the Fans

Creation of content & development of skills to collaborate with artists, bands & creatives to give more fans windows of opportunity into the industry.

‹‹‹ Girl Boss ›››

I believe there should be more prominent women working in the music industry.

The Script - Hall of Fame

I am passionate, creatively minded and I have a strong eye for detail.

 I know (from first-hand experience) how important the fans are for bands, artists and creatives alike - that being said, I strive to capture strong emotions in my Photography from a fan's POV.


When I was 13, my cousin took me to my first gig at a local venue in my hometown. That was back in 2012.

Since then I have been fascinated with live music - the production, the live music, and the opportunity to find your new favourite artists & bands. As a result I have been to over 100 concerts & festivals in the past 10 years (I actually lost count a few years back!).

When I was a teen, all of my extra money from my weekend job was spent on travel and concerts or festivals! Trying to do as many dates as I financially could on a tour, to see my favourite band/s and artists.

From attending gigs in my hometown - Portsmouth, to flying to Glasgow to travel on tour around the country for one of my favourite bands; meeting the most incredible people from different cities each night.


Music is magic, and it really does bring people together as a community.

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