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AI & The Future Of Photography

If you’re like me, you sometimes want life to be easy (well not easy but as easy as you can physically make it) and the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) certainly can help heaps with that.

When I first started out, I had no idea (and I am still learning, I still dabble) about how to use Adobe Photoshop, so I used to use Adobe Lightroom and that was it. This was back in 2017/2018/2019 so the VERY early Photography days for me. So in more recent years, I have seemed to find the best alternative software to create stunning effects on my photographs in post production to make my work stand out more-so and more unique. My favourite apps and software; somewhat incorporate AI to add lots of different effects - dependent on the end goal and result you’re hoping to get. I more often than not, use these types of software to create sparkles/flares from the brighter parts of the image, duplications of the artist or mirroring the image.

On the flip side, I believe you will always benefit from learning colour grading and sharpening in Adobe Lightroom.

Within one example, for the removal of unwanted objects in your photographs, you can either use a Lightroom’ removal tool which I believe incorporates AI - or simply a favourite of mine - Face-tune 2. You can also use a patch tool to do this, in which I will go into more detail in my “How I edit, and what tools I use” blog.

I don’t believe in using AI fully for Photography as I believe there should be an authenticity of your uniqueness on your work rather than all computer generated. But hey, this is the future and who knows what will happen with the creative industry.

However, AI is fascinating; and how it’s developed and integrated in different software’s over the years is amazing. I’m a big nerd on technology if you couldn’t tell..

What are your thoughts on AI and the future of Photography?

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