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Introducing Me - Part 2

Helloooooo party people!! If you're new to my website or my blog, then hello! I'm Grace, I'm 25 years of age (at the time of writing this on the 29th February 2024) and I'm a Live Music Photographer.

It isn't my full time job, however I loveeeee it as a portfolio building/ hobby and experience/s as it combines my huge love for Live Music & Photography.

I've been lucky enough to Photograph a number of my favourite bands. I have no plans on stopping!

My mission is heavily emphasised everywhere I promote myself and my work, it is "For the fans, by the fans". I grew up listening too - and still am a fan of so many artists, bands and musicians and I strongly believe more genuine fans should have the opportunities to work or shadow within the industry to gain the relevant experience that could catapult them into a career in music. Hence "For the fans, by the fans".

Let me know if you have any questions!

Grace <3

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