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5SOS5 Album Review

Built on a decade of experimentation on their sound, outshining in every single album release.

5 Seconds of Summer have communicated the emotions of life in the most beautiful way; through songwriting and the composure of the production of their songs. 5SOS5 reflects the themes in songs around unrequited love and immense emotions that life throws at all of us.

Their culture of “memory lane” and the maturity of growing up alongside their fans makes them stand out as a band. “Best Friends” distinguishes their everlasting bond as bandmates and best friends, the track also represents a strong connection to “Take My Hand”. “Take My Hand” is a somewhat analogy to the fans, “take my hand, now and forever” are lyrics I, as a fan, will continue to live by. These beautifully metaphoric lyrics have numerous meanings which makes the album so overall extraordinary. “Complete Mess” shines a stripped back euphoric track; prominent of calming sounds and a heavier chorus which has a memorial element to it. This recalls me back to the Take My Hand Tour, earlier this year. “Easy For

You To Say” is easily one of my favourite songs on this album; the clean and perfectly-crisp percussion of the drums is prominent in this song if you tune into this. The talent continues to fascinate me. The harmonic bridge leading up to the chorus completes the song fully. The band also shines on subjective songwriting that many individuals I feel will relate too; including ignoring the warning signals of red flags, progressing onwards from a perhaps sour breakup from a relationship, unrequited love and the realisation of coping with buried emotions. The songs “Bad Omens” , “Bleach”, “Red Line” and “Moodswings” represent these themes.

Sierra Deaton’s angelic vocals compliment lead vocalist Luke Hemmings’ alongside the beautiful percussion of the piano in the ballad song “Older”. “Emotions” gives a nostalgic approach that I believe is heavily influenced by early Blink 182’s sound and perhaps other influences of early pop punk. Alongside, the streamlined harmonies in “Carousel” are magical.

“Me Myself & I” explores the concept of emotively believing that you can do everything on your own but in process eventually pushing those closest to you away. The melodic rollercoaster to this track I feel represents the concept really well. The memorable beats and symbolism of an ‘emotional “Blender” describes what can be the intense emotions in a relationship. Following on from this “Bloodhound” showcases a very similar narrative, but with a more prominent intense bass line intricately composed and performed by Calum Hood.

The songs “You Don’t Go To Parties” & “Caramel” lyrically present the aftermath of a breakup or relationship going sour, in the most beautiful way through their music. Through multiple songs and themes on this album; the band interpret their innermost thoughts and emotions through songwriting and intricate production. “Tears” showcases this statement, especially the lyrics “no one’s feeling what I’m feeling”.

Raw emotive also seems to be a consistent theme across the album, this is supported by the song “Flatline”. Experiencing the feelings of falling in love and the light after the storm’ - “lights will guide you through, run like hell”.

“HAZE” features an indie loop of the guitar line, also featuring a dance type bop with a groovy synth - “it’s hell of a ride loving you”.

As a fan, I - along with many others, have followed their music & tours for 11 years. Watching from the sidelines or front & centre. I’ve seen this band 14 times live (the greatest number I’ve ever seen one band live) and they continue to accomplish in addition to creating new sounds and music that so many incredible fans can relate their own experiences too.

The raw capture of beautifully articulated emotion; makes this discography a breakthrough for 5 Seconds of Summer.

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